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The Process

We understand that embarking on the jounrey of building a home, creating an addition, or renovating your home can be both an exciting and a stressfull time. A lot of people don't know where to begin. 


As skilled home builders who have been in the trade for over 40 years, we will walk you through the process and aid you in the decisions that will need to be made. Let's break it down for you...


Where would you like to live?

Before a home plan can be decided on, we need to know where you would like to live and determine the characteristics of your lot. We need to make sure the plan will fit on your lot and that it meets your needs and wants. When selecting a lot, there are many things to consider (we will help you with all of these considerations). 


Want to build a Kenco Collection Home?

We are excited to present our "Kenco Collection" for 2023. Each year we will be custom designing 5 floor plans. Each floor plan will come with 2 possible "Exterior Style" options. All of the exterior and interior selections will have been previously curated and renderings completed so that you can see exactly what your home will look like. Each plan will come with a unique price based on the design of the home as well as the finishes and features that have been included. This way, you can get a custom home without all the work of making every decision!


Want to build a pre-drawn Kenco Home plan?

We have hundreds of plans that we have built over the last 40 plus years. If you would like to describe what it is you are looking for in a home, we can look through our plans and see if we have something that will meet your needs. Once a plan is selected, we will need to work with you to find out what finishes and features you would like and then we are able to price the home for you. 


Want to build a custom home plan?

We'll sit down with you to find out what your wants and needs are, give you a ball-park budget and then continue with the following process: 

Sketches - we will listen to what you would like your home to look like as well as what type of layout you might like and then we will create "sketches" of the same 

Blueprints- once the sketches are done, we will take them to a draftman to have them create actual blueprints

Selections - once the blueprints are completed, we will actually go shopping with you so that you can make all of your selections such as flooring, tile, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, fireplaces, etc. It is important to us that we give you a price that truly reflects what you want in your home. This way we hope to avoid unnecessary cost overruns during construction. 






Construction Site Meetings 

Weekly Walkthroughs When we build your home, we will be meeting with you on site once a week to review building progress, ask you any questions we might have and answer any questions you might have. We encourage our clients to visit the construction site as often as they would like (after a safety briefing).

A few of our weekly walkthrough meetings are a little longer and cover miore information than others. See the list below for meetings that fall under this category. 

Framing/Electrical/Cabinets/Plumbing This walkthrough is done when the home is framed. We will mark on the framing where all of the lights, plugs and switches will be located. We will draw all of the cabinets on the floor. We will also mark locations of sinks, tubs, and showers.

Finish Work This walkthrough id sone after the drywall has been installed and primed. We go room by roo through your house drawing shelves in closets and features on the walls. It is a fun creative process!

Final Finish This walkthrough is done after flooring and tile have been installed. We will go room by room and mark the location of mirrors, toilet paper holders, towel bars, hooks, etc. 



Get Connected - BuilderTrend

Schedule Would you like to know what is happening today, next week or next month on your project? It's  as easy as opening up the calendar on your phone, computer or tablet. You can see in real time what is happening as well as what is going to happen on your job. This makes planning much easier.

To-Dos This program creates a list of tasks for us as the contractor, as well as you, the homeowner. This allows you to make selections and provide information in a systematic bite sized format. How do we eat an elephant?... one bite at a time.

Change Orders We do a lot of upfront work to minimize change orders, but no matter how much pre-planning goes into a project, there are always a few changes that make sense during the construction process. What we don't want is for you to be surprised by any of these change orders at the end of the project. Change orders can be approved or declined right on your phone, tablet or computer.

Selections When building a home, there are a lot of selections that need to be approved. To simplify this process and create one information collection point, we use BuilderTrend. Your selections will be posted so that you can approve or decline the selections on your phone, tablet or computer. Once approved, the information is automatically sent to whom this information applies.

Documents For convienience, if you have your phone with you, you will also have a copy of your blueprint, building specifications, lot information and Building Contract. This is valuable if you are, for example, out purchasing furniture for your home and you need to know what size a certain room is. All of this information is at your fingertips!

Photos Do you want to keep a scrapbook of the building process? Perhaps share your photos of the house with family and friends? You can take pictures each time you visit the site and upload them to BuilderTrend.


Quality Control Program

Weekly Quality Control Inspections Each time we visit the jobsite, we are inspecting the work that has been done and looking for deficiencies. If any are found, they are corrected in a timely manner before they are covered up or before it becomes a bigger problem. 

Post Construction Quality Control After your home has been built, we do a 2 week inspection and a 1 year inspection. The purpose of these inspections is to note any items that are not to your satisfaction, as well as to give us an opportunity to look at the finished product with fresh eyes. If there are items that need attention, we make a list, send it out to the necessary sub-trades to affect the repairs. The goal is to come in and get the work done in a quick and efficient manner so as not to cause you too much inconvienience.

 City / Municipal Inspections Throughout the building process there are several inspections done by the following people: Building Safety Codes Officer, Electrical Inspector, Plumbing Inspector, Gas Inspector and Mechanical Inspector.

When you're ready to get started, or if you still have questions about our process, contact us.

Guide to Build Your Dream Home

When you are considering building a home, it can feel like a lot of work and research to find the right home builder. Save yourself the trouble with our helpful ebook guide to building a home, inside which you will find tips and tricks for new home construction as well as things to know when considering a starter home or a luxury home. Request a free copy of our ebook guide today and get started!

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