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Home Renovation in
Medicine Hat and
Surrounding Area



Kenco Construction has been doing larger home renovations in Medicine Hat and area for over 40 years. Whether it's time to finish your basement, replace your kitchen cabinets, re-do your flooring, or add a few hundred square feet to your house, we're here to help! Just like building a new house, we have a process in place that makes for a well organized, enjoyable renovation that is delivered on time! Let Kenco Construction be your trusted partner in creating the home of your dreams in Medicine Hat. Get in touch with us now and take the first step towards transforming your space.


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We'll come over to your house to find out your wants and needs and then give you a ballpark budget. We'll take this opportunity to make some suggestions and we'll also take some pictures for estimating purposes.


This is when all of the sub-trades involved can visit the site with us so that we can explain the job to them, allowing them to create a meaningful bid. We ask that the homeowner also be in attendance to answer any additional questions.


This is when we go shopping with you to make all of your selections such as flooring, tile, cabinets, plumbing, fireplaces, etc. It is important to us that we give you a price that truly reflects what you want in your home. This way, we avoid unnecessary cost overruns during construction.


This meeting will be at your home as well. We will come with a quote consisting of a detailed specification sheet and a breakdown of the allowances included for the job. It may contain cabinet drawings as well as pictures of plumbing fixtures, or anything else that is pertinent to the renovation.


Considering a home renovation in Medicine Hat? Kenco Construction offers numerous benefits to transform your living space. The advantages of hiring us for remodeling your home include:

Improved Functionality: Customize your home to meet your preferences and needs, creating a comfortable and enjoyable space. From home theatres to stunning bathroom upgrades, our experts help you optimize your budget.

Enhanced Property Value: Increase attractiveness and value with kitchen fixtures and improved basement functionality.

Lower Energy Costs: Make your home energy efficient, saving on electricity bills through lighting upgrades and appliance replacements.

Updated Style: Modernize your home with the latest trends in bathrooms and kitchens, transforming its appearance.

Extended Lifespan: Revive your home's aesthetics and structural integrity, ensuring long-term appeal.



To increase the sale value of your home, consider strategic renovations that encompass both basic improvements and cosmetic enhancements. Basic renovations involve addressing essential elements such as roof leaks, HVAC upgrades, and electrical/plumbing systems. On the other hand, cosmetic renovations focus on enhancing aesthetics, such as adding deck, underpinning the basement, installing glass doors in bathrooms, or updating the flooring.


Home renovations often include:

Kitchen Renovation: Create an open space, incorporate kitchen islands, maximize natural light, and install ample lighting options.

Bathroom Renovation: Add a touch of luxury with colour contrasts or neutral tones, natural elements, and strategic lighting placements.

Basement Renovation: Transform your basement into a gym, wine cellar, sports bar, home theatre, or extended living space.

Exterior Renovation: Upgrade the aesthetics of your home's exteriors and increase your curb appeal with our quality home renovations in Medicine Hat.

Entrance Renovation: Make a lasting impression by renovating your entrance. Enhance the curb appeal with a new front door, fresh paint, improved landscaping, and stylish lighting fixtures.

Laundry Room Renovation: Create a functional and organized space with a laundry room renovation. Consider adding storage cabinets, countertop space, a folding station, and efficient appliances to make laundry chores more convenient.

Fireplace Renovation: Transform your fireplace into a focal point by updating its design and materials. Whether it's a traditional brick fireplace or a modern gas insert, a renovated fireplace can enhance the ambiance and value of your home. 

Pool Climbing Wall Addition: Take your pool to the next level with a climbing wall addition. This unique feature provides an exciting and adventurous experience for swimmers of all ages, making your pool a standout feature for potential buyers.

Other valuable renovations include energy efficient upgrades, smart home integration, additional rooms, and exterior updates. Our team has worked on a range of creative re-modelling projects and can customize your room according to your vision.

For expert guidance and exceptional renovation services, contact Kenco Construction. Explore our gallery to visualize the potential of your dream home.


Contact us to set up a no-obligation meeting. We'd love to discuss the possibilities!

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