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Testimonials from Our Satisfied Clients

At Kenco Construction, serving clients throughout Medicine Hat, Brooks and surrounding areas, we are dedicated to exceeding expectations. 



Our home is amazing and we are very proud to tell everyone and anyone who will listen about our experience with Kenco. You have a reputation of being a very trustworthy builder with very high standards who builds outstanding homes and who has absolutely amazing customer service. That reputation is well deserved. We would like to take the opportunity to share our incredible experience with Kenco.

We built our home while we were still living in Red Deer with a baby on the way. Many people believed that we were completely insane to build a home in a new city at such a busy time (we’re sure an intervention was being planned). When we started looking for a builder, we heard about an excellent builder called Kenco who had such an incredible reputation. In our first meeting, we could tell that you have very high standards and that there was no compromising those standards. As the meeting progressed, we knew we could trust this project to Kenco. Our questions were answered honestly and as you talked about the process and the scheduling, our confidence grew. We knew that you were passionate about building excellent homes, on schedule and to the highest standards possible. We couldn’t wait to get started! Through email, text, phone calls, BuilderTREND and the occasional trip to the Hat, we worked together to build a home. Without the excellent communication between you, Vaughn and ourselves, this would not have been possible.

The crews that worked on our house and landscaped our yard took great pride in their work and it shows. No detail was too small and no detail was overlooked. Many of our neighbours who watched our house being built and our yard take shape couldn’t believe how much attention was paid to getting it perfect. Not just right, but perfect. We had neighbours looking in the windows before we moved in to see what the house looked like and were very impressed with what they saw. Many neighbours were impressed with how clean the site was kept while the house was under construction.

As we met some of the various people who worked on our home, it was obvious that each of them had taken ownership of the project. They were proud to show their work to us and to their co-workers. Some of the people who worked on the house were even coming by to see what the finished house looked like. Others would tell us that they loved some aspect of our house and were doing that on their own renovation. We were beyond flattered. All of the visitors to our home have been extremely impressed and have asked us who built our home. We are very proud to show our home off.

The customer service we experienced with Kenco was beyond exceptional. Many businesses could take a lesson (or two or three) from Kenco on how to give outstanding customer service. Questions and concerns were always welcome and were always answered honestly and thoroughly. Problems were not seen as problems but as opportunities to improve or perfect. If there was a better way to do something or an improvement to be made, it was done. No small detail was overlooked or missed. Details like cleaning the house before move in, programming the thermostats, setting the clocks, labelling all the electrical, gas and plumbing, cleaning the ducts, etc. were all taken care of before we moved in and were welcome surprises. It’s these sorts of things that make the customer sit up and take notice. We felt like kids on Christmas morning!

Each person we dealt with was friendly, kind and enthusiastic. Many who knew that we were newcomers to the Hat helped by telling us about different kid-friendly activities, places we should visit, events we should go to and told us about different things Medicine Hat had to offer. We would like to share a story that highlights the kindness of the Kenco staff. Our 3 year old daughter Caitlyn took quite a shine to Phil while he was working on the landscaping. Caitlyn takes a long time to warm up to people but she warmed up to Phil quite quickly. She watched for Phil’s truck every day while he was working on the landscaping. Caitlyn was always excited when Phil arrived and she always had to go talk to Phil. She would chatter away to Phil while he worked and would often go out to 'help.' 'Helping' meant following Phil around. If she couldn’t go out to help or talk to Phil, she would always stand at the window and watch. Phil seemed to enjoy her company and was always so kind to her. It was this kindness and friendliness that has given us a great first impression of Medicine Hat.

We came into this project with very high expectations and not only did Kenco meet them, they exceeded them. It cannot be said enough. We absolutely love our house and we had an incredible experience working with Kenco. We had fun and enjoyed the process. This is the way building a home should be! We can’t say thank you enough to everyone who worked on our house. So once again, thank you."

-Brent, Jennifer, Caitlyn and Lindsay R.



Built Our Dream Home

We built our dream home through Kenco Construction. Ken's talented draftsman combined a home exterior picture we had found with our floor plan sketches. These humble drawings became detailed and creative blueprints.

During the building process, we had the pleasure of meeting Kathy. Not only does she run the office extremely efficiently, she treats clients with a genuinely friendly nature and strives to make the entire experience enjoyable.

We met with Ken several times and he listened to our input and offered ideas and suggestions in order to enhance our home. Things moved along in a timely manner. Ken and Vaughn skillfully oversaw the project with a 'hands on' approach. They are both people who take pride in their work and run the business with honesty and integrity. There were no unpleasant surprises during the building process and Kenco Construction delivered a quality home as promised.

-Kevin and Marlene S.



Personal Connection

Just over a year ago, we moved into our new Kenco Construction home. Many things impressed us but three exceptional qualities stand out from our experience. First, the personal connection with the people at Kenco Construction. Everyone treated us very well and was honest and sincere in all dealings. They were genuine people who soon became friends (which is something that wasn't even in the contract). Also, Ken was very good at keeping us informed and staying organized. We met regularly to discuss details. As well, the financial end of things was always kept current so that we weren't surprised by a large bill for extras at the end of the process. We continue to be impressed by the Kenco Construction guarantee. It's a real guarantee. We are so free to call Ken about anything regarding the house. He always does his best to resolve any problems (not that we have had many) and gain our satisfaction. We wouldn't hesitate to build with Kenco again.

-Glenn and Rebecca M.



Quality Workmanship

We recently built our second Kenco Construction home. In both instances, we were very impressed with the helpfulness and professionalism of the staff, the quality of the workmanship, and the beauty and livability of the final product.

We knew we wanted a custom home, which Kenco Construction excels at, but there is always an amount of trepidation during construction, fretting about decisions that we needed to make. However, suggestions and recommendations by Ken were always very insightful and helped things move along smoothly. Also, the Kenco Construction building experience has improved greatly over the past 20 years. Our first home was complete in under 12 weeks, clearly possible for Kenco Construction but very much 'rapid fire' for us. During construction of our second home, I found the web and email based interface utilized by Kenco Construction was excellent. We were always informed of progress and given notice well in advance of each of the decisions we were required to make along the way. Then, after we moved in, they returned at the three month mark and again at the one year mark to address any issues that had arisen, just as they said they would. Are you kidding me? What builder does that?

We certainly enjoyed the process, and absolutely love the home. In fact, I said to Marianne the other day, “Wow, this really is a beautiful home. I can't believe the bank lets us live here!”

-Doug and Marianne H.



Exciting and Rewarding

This is our first house, and you made the experience exciting and rewarding. Your guidance and knowledge when we had questions were always helpful. Because you involved us in the building process from the beginning, we can see and feel the quality when we walk from room to room. You started out as our contractor, and through it all you became our friend. Thank you for making our building experience one that we will cherish for a lifetime.

-Neil and Charlotte B.



Service Oriented

Kenco built our first home in 2000. We had just moved to Medicine Hat with our young and growing family. We relied heavily on Ken and his staff to guide us through our first home construction experience. Thirteen years later, Kenco has just completed construction of our dream 'cabin' at Elkwater.

During each construction, Ken met with us to gain an understanding of our family’s needs, wants and interests in order to come up with a design for our home. Ken offered invaluable ideas and suggestions at various points along the way to enhance the design and functionality of our home. Ken and his staff were patient, understanding, and focused even when we felt overwhelmed by the multitude of decisions that go along with new home construction.

The entire process was enhanced with the professional, knowledgeable and service-orientation from Kathy and Vaughn, as well as the web-based program that outlined our construction and decision schedules and contracted changes. When unanticipated events arose, we met with Ken and any concerns were addressed honestly, efficiently, and fairly. We are very grateful for the quality of relationship that was established with Ken as he got to know our family. The friendship that has been created has made us feel that we were more than just a customer.

We are very pleased with the quality, workmanship and service that Kenco provides. We love our latest new home!

-Blaine and Terri B.


Guide to Build Your Dream Home

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