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At Kenco Construction,
we are
dedicated to
exceeding expectations.



Our home is amazing and we are very proud to tell everyone and anyone who will listen about our experience with Kenco. You have a reputation of being a very trustworthy builder with very high standards who builds outstanding homes and who has absolutely amazing customer service.

The customer service we experienced with Kenco was beyond exceptional. Many businesses could take a lesson (or two or three) from Kenco on how to give outstanding customer service. Questions and concerns were always welcome and were always answered honestly and thoroughly. Problems were not seen as problems but as opportunities to improve or perfect. If there was a better way to do something or an improvement to be made, it was done. No small detail was overlooked or missed.

We came into this project with very high expectations and not only did Kenco meet them, they exceeded them. It cannot be said enough. We absolutely love our house and we had an incredible experience working with Kenco. 

-Brent, Jennifer, Caitlyn and Lindsay R.

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