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Do I Have to Wait until Spring to Have My Home Built?


Good question! Many people believe that they need to wait until spring to build a home because of the cold temperatures, snow and frozen ground. Fortunately, this is not true... especially in Medicine Hat where we have chinooks and sandy soil.

  1. Concrete - The reality is, concrete poured in cool temperatures takes longer to fully cure but often ends up with higher compressive strengths. 2. Rain vs. Snow – It is easier to keep snow out of your house during construction than it is to keep the rain out of your home. (Yea for winter construction!) 3. Sub-trade availability – Often in the winter, the sub-trades are less busy and more available which can actually speed up the time it takes to build a house. They tend not to take as many vacations during the winter which also helps speed up the building process. 4. Move-in dates – It is way more fun to move into your new home in the summer rather than the winter. So build it in the winter and move into it in the summer! 5. Planning takes time – Often people will wait until spring to start talking about building a home. The planning process often takes anywhere from two to five months. Fall and winter is a really good time to do this planning. If you would like to discuss building a home in the winter, spring, summer or fall. Feel free to give us a call! 403-529-2412



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