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Added Protection for Constructing Your New Home

In addition to our own warranty, homes built by Kenco Construction qualify for coverage under the Alberta New Home Warranty Program. This program protects the completion of your new home, the quality of the workmanship and building materials that go into your new home and more. We believe every home is important, whether you are building a starter home, a luxury home, or your forever home. We will always focus on our customer’s needs and listen to your concerns to ensure you are satisfied. Communication is key to delivering excellent service, and we make it a point to show you that we value your opinion and feedback. This is just one of the pillars of our success for over 40 years of service to Medicine Hat, Brooks and the surrounding area.

If you still have questions regarding how our company and the Alberta New Home Warranty Program work together, don't hesitate to contact us.

Customer Care

As of February 1st, 2014, every new home built in Alberta must be covered by a warranty from an approved 3rd party provider. This legislation has been introduced by the PC Government.

In Alberta, we have 5 approved warranty companies. These insurance companies act as a back-up in case something major goes wrong with your home and your builder is unable, or unwilling, to correct the issue. Kenco Construction Inc. uses "Alberta New Home Warranty" as their 3rd party insurance provider. For more information, click here.

1 Year:
"Bumper to bumper" warranty on any item not deemed to fall under the responsibility of homeowner maintenance.

2 Year:
Distribution systems. Distribution systems are the wiring, drains, water lines, ductwork, etc., in the home, but do not include fixtures (i.e., faucets, sinks, etc.)

5 Year:
Building envelope. This is every product on the outside of the home involved in keeping moisture out of the house. Siding/stucco, windows and roofing are the major components.

10 Year:
Structural components. Foundation, structural framing, whatever is required to hold the structure of the home.

Guide to Build Your Dream Home

When you are considering building a home, it can feel like a lot of work and research to find the right home builder. Save yourself the trouble with our helpful ebook guide to building a home, inside which you will find tips and tricks for new home construction as well as things to know when considering a starter home or a luxury home. Request a free copy of our ebook guide today and get started!

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