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Guide to Build Your Dream Home

When you are considering building a home, it can feel like a lot of work and research to find the right home builder. Save yourself the trouble with our helpful ebook guide to building a home, inside which you will find tips and tricks for new home construction as well as things to know when considering a starter home or a luxury home. Request a free copy of our ebook guide today and get started!

Home Builders Medicine Hat

When looking for a home builder near you, consider Kenco Construction. We are new home builders in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas who have been building homes for over 40 years. Our team specializes in home additions, home renovations, new home construction and are also considered luxury home builders in Medicine Hat and the surrounding areas. 

We realize home construction, home additions, and home renovations can be both exciting and stressful time. As skilled house builders, we will walk you through the home construction and home addition or renovation process and aid you in the decisions that will need to be made. In order to ensure your awareness and peace of mind, a series of meetings will be set up. Read on to discover the steps of our process.


Initial Meeting

After introductions, Ken and Vaughn will get an idea of your wants and needs, ball-park budget and discuss the construction process in more detail. Vaughn can also take your ideas and begin sketches of your new home, luxury home, home addition, or major renovation.


Plan Meetings 

(1 to 5)

Most Kenco Construction homes are designed and drawn by our company. This is done by different methods, such as:

  • Vaughn will listen to what you are wanting in a home and he can turn these into sketches. This is usually the most effective way to start.
  • We can give you websites to look through for you to select interiors and exteriors that you like, and then we will draw a final sketch.
  • We can show you the existing plans that we have, you pick a plan, and we can modify it to suit your needs.


Specifications Meeting

Once a plan is finalized, we will need to specify what goes into the house. We will ask you whether you want brick, siding or stucco on the exterior of the home; asphalt, tile or shakes on the roof; chrome or bronze fixtures; etc. This meeting will take 3 to 4 hours, and then the plans and specifications will be sent out for pricing. We will also go shopping for cabinets, flooring, tile, plumbing, etc. Kenco Construction is one of the leading home builders in Medicine Hat and we will provide you with good quality products at a reasonable price.


Quotation Meeting

Once the prices come back from the sub-trades, we put them together to form your quote. This quotation will show:

  • The price of the home according to the plans and specifications
  • All allowances
  • A list of any items that will not be included in the contract
  • A list of features that you may want to add (increasing the cost)
  • A list of features that can be deducted to save money


Contract Meeting

Once the decisions have been made as to what items are going into the house, we will sit down and sign a contract. At this meeting, you will also be taught how to use our online web-based computer program that allows you to see the construction schedule, when payments are due, what and when selections need to be made, the process for changes and how our warranty program works.


Site Meetings

We will meet with you often. Ken, Vaughn and Kathy will meet with you to discuss selections, questions, changes or concerns that you may have during the construction of your home. Meetings will range from 30 minutes to 4 hours long. Just a few examples of some of those meetings are as follows:

  • Lot meeting: At this meeting, we will stake out your home on your lot to ensure your home fits exactly the way you want. Home builders in Medicine Hat must follow city and country guidelines for proper placement of your home and this is an important step in the process.
  • Cabinet and electrical layout (2 to 4 hours)
  • Finish work layout (2 to 4 hours): At this meeting, we will draw shelving on the wall, decide the location of special wall units, discuss mirrors, etc.
  • Final inspection meeting: After the home has been cleaned and before you move in we will get together and walk through your home to show you how the mechanical systems work and to note anything that is not completed to your satisfaction.


Warranty Meetings

There will be 2 warranty meetings scheduled. The first is between 2 and 8 weeks after you move in and the second is approximately 1 year after you move in. At these meetings, we will note any areas that need improvement and we will set a date when the various sub-trades can come and perform the work.

When you're ready to get started, or if you still have questions about our process, contact us.

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